Welcome to Aba Healing Academy

Since 2018, our team has been on a journey to open a K to 12 school. As life-long learners, we understand the need for, and desire to, educate for a 21st century that we have never seen. We believed that our design needed to encompass a child's ability to be rooted in strong faith, while also having a sound understanding of self, and their inherent ability to be a social change agent for their passions.

This year, we finally made the headway we have been hoping for the past 3 years.

Aba Healing Academy learned....

For many New Orleans', school- aged children, there is an opportunity to bring in a system that focuses on sound character development, with cultural components that have often been overlooked or underrepresented in traditional education environments. We began planning for a school that would utilize African Traditional Religious concepts, syncretized to widely accepted, Christian beliefs. From our planning, the Aba Healing Academy chose to teach from a Candomble standard of spiritual practice. But why? The answer lies in a better understanding and framing of the question.  

Candomble provides:

Though Candomble has had a troubled past, since the 70s, it's true purpose has come to fruition and practitioners and researchers alike agree, this practice helps to right some of the wrongs of slavery. Particularly,  Candomble helps victims of American slavery,  and others, to better learn their cultural heritage, the living standards of spirituality and African traditions,  and form deeper respect and admiration for nature and the universe.

Aba Healing Academy is committed to this form of religious practice because we believe that it is THE MOST culturally appropriate form of religiosity. Further, the Candomble focus on strong ethical and moral development are appropriate catalysts for problem solving and growth in today's world.

In short, the Candomble focus of cause and effect, effective decision making, and goal orientation provides students and families with a framework for making any choice and decision that gives them both religious underpinning and a scientific approach to the logic there in